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5th Korea IT Accessorry & Smart device show

Writer : Admin ㅣ Date : 2015-07-03

KITAS 2015 


Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show(KITAS) is the only exhibition in  

Korea specialized in Mobile Accessories & Smart Devices!


Korea’s Mobile Accessory & Device industry is expanding rapidly

in the midst of great interests in Smartphone & Tablet.



The following event named as Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show will showcase wide variety of computer related products and services associated with this field. This event will gather all the eminent and distinguished exhibitors from this field and in turn they will showcase products and services like mobile accessories, devices, printers, hardware, tools, mobile applications, games, and other services associated with this sector. Beside this the event because of its unique and dynamic nature will gather all the eminent and distinguished experts from this field. 



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